Untitled works by Chas Foster
Created for HATAK

Artist’s statement:
Whether I’m making art, waiting for a bus, or buying groceries, I like to take time to observe a space to recognize and respond to the artifacts and stories I find there. 
For me, the gorgeous but distant images of this attic at North Willow are enticing packaging for the actual spaces, and the textures and layers of narrative that they contain. I responded to this by adding layers and stories from my own everyday environments—wet paper confetti, the stain at the bottom of my coffee mug, dog fur and dryer lint... These are evidence of the movement and accretion that happens in our absence. We can’t set foot in the same attic twice. 
Chas Foster is an artist and high school teacher in Wheaton, Maryland. He is an uninvited Artist-in-Residence in Matthew Henson State Park, and writes about himself in the third person... what a poser.