Dancer and Harbinger
Created for HATAK
By Christy E. O'Connor

About the artist:
Christy E. O’Connor commits her practice to the examination of gender, cultural norms, social class, religion and politics, history and perception. She considers how these societal elements are interconnected, and the role these underlying factors play within our daily lives, both contemporarily and throughout history. 

As an artist, she seeks to drive dialog on difficult subject matter that challenges the belief systems and preconceived notions, dominated by a patriarchal lens.

She continuously explores materials, processes, and genres in order to express her point of view.  Her vision and message often influences her use of materials and execution, from mixed media works or sculptural forms, to performative acts and written musings.

Her work often employs elements of the surreal, generating raw visceral imagery that often confronts the viewer unapologetically, as she deconstructs the narratives we have been socially conditioned to believe.  Her work is often unsettling and subversive; at times cheeky, satirical, and humorous.

O’Connor received a BA in Visual Art from Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she studied studio art, photography, and education.  She has participated in professional development programs and studio residencies, including Creative Capital at Artworks (Trenton, NJ) and AlterWork Studio (LIC, NY).  Solo exhibitions and installations include Eat, Buy, Love (2021), Victim Shame, Body Blame and Tea Time in Turbulence (2020), Dusklit (2016-2018), Treacherous Women (2018), Vacant Memories, Absent Dreams (2018)

IG:  @christyoconnorart