"Glimpse" (2021) and "Passage" (2021)
Created for HATAK
By Gina R. Furnari 
Artist statement on the images:
Since North Willow is closed in part due to water damage, I've created pieces that imagine what might be possible when walls contain a memory of water. The animated drawings merge the Attic at North Willow with images I've collected during my residency with Cape May Whale Watch and Research in Cape May, NJ. In Glimpse the gallery inhabitants look out through the windows of CMWWR's ship "The American Star" and are visited by an ephemeral shape resembling a dolphin who effortlessly inhabits both the interior of the gallery and the world beyond. In Passage the gallery inhabitant is about to attempt to move into the water world.
Artist Bio:
Gina Rafaella Furnari is a painter, and process artist focused on investigations of place, community, and belonging. Gina holds a BFA in Painting and Art history from The Hartford Art School and an MFA from the Nomad MFA program (University of Hartford). Her work consists of independent and collaborative projects, including; Collecting Experiences (2014) created with the community at Makeshift Society in Brooklyn, NY, Please Wait To Be Seated (2013), a performance generated in collaboration with Catriona Meighan (Britain), Eva M. Alysse Bowd (Canada), and Lee Wansool (South Korea) performing under the name “The Serendipitous Sisterhood” and the community of Ólafsfjörður, Iceland, and A Place for Us (2020)—which collects visual and audio references from areas where land and water meet along New Jersey’s waterways, and explores the idea of habit as habitat. Gina has exhibited in the United States, Iceland, and Ireland and is currently artist-in-residence with Cape May Whale Watch and Research. 

"Passage," 2021, Digital Animation
"Glimpse," 2021 Digital Animation